I'm a Lebanese self-taught photographer currently based in Berlin.

My journey with photography began in 2009 and quickly evolved into an obsession that is central to how I engage with the world today.

I draw inspiration from the simple poetry of daily life. The beauty in the mundane. The ordinary and extraordinary. Driven by self-discovery, storytelling, and emotional intimacy, I care most about how things feel. Often dealing with geometry, shadows, reflections, and textures, my work is concerned with the mystical and the inner world of the human soul.

I take photographs to provoke a conversation between myself and something captivating unfolding in front of me. Ultimately, my aim is to uncover, experience, and communicate some emotional truth.

What does it look like to feel?

Double-reflection self-portrait.

E-mail: hello@choucribechir.com
Phone+49 173 231 5512
Instagram: choucribechir

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