2009 - Present

Sonic Wombs is a photographic study of concert hall dynamics and a personal reflection on the transcendental power of live music. Made in the darkness of music venues, these images depict the essence of the concert going experience, emphasizing on its ritualistic, almost divine, nature.

Besides drawing strangers into a collective experience, concert halls are safe and intimate spaces that invite people to unplug. To momentarily disconnect from daily life and step into a parallel world. The purity of emotional expression that unfolds when music, space and people intersect, combined with the seducing interplay of sound and light, absorb all participants into a visceral experience. An experience of sublimity where all concerns dissolve through a complete surrender to the moment and a loss of self.

Blending elements of mysticism and mystery, this ongoing series explores humanity's relationship to live music and its ability to transport us to a realm where life takes on another, perhaps deeper, significance.

This series  is currently being released gradually. To follow the launch, click here.
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